A corporeal art

Wutao is unique. It has emerged from the different experiences that Pol Charoy and Imanou Risselard have shared and exchanged. They have explored, revisited and re-invented their experiences of Wushu, Yoga and western bioenergetic analysis so to create the foudations of Wutao.
In chinese, Wutao is written with 2 ideograms : Wu meaning « dance » (of life) and Tao , meaning way, path. So Wutao could be translated as « the path to the dance of life ». The practice focuses on the unfolding of a wave motion, generated by the relaxing of the pelvic zone. This in turn is transmitted throughout the whole body, creating a sequence of movements in scurpulous respect of the persons corporality (body, mind and spirit).
The premise of Wutao is to be as close to our sensitivity and our sentiments as possible, so as to help pulse emotion into our gestures. All this has to be done with care and sensitivity because these are the two essential qualities that help us best to accept and integrate feelings into our bodies…

Fundamental practice : « the primordial wave movement »

The principals of Wutao are based on the consciousness of the pulsation of life within ourselves and the wavy movement of the spine that is associated with it. Relaxing the pelvis (pubis/coccyx sacrum) allows the unfolding of this wave which, associated with the inspiration of the breathing opens the doors of immemorial feeling of gesture. This level is approachable by every body.

Progressive practice : « exploration of the spiral movement »

The spiral movements and the torsions are an outward expression of : inward physical anatomy, of fluid motion and of energy fluctuation within our bodies. These spirals are not only explored within the articulations of the vertebral column, the legs, the arms, the wrists and ankles etc… but also with relation to the fascias, which helps us give a new « swing » to our bodies. This level allows us to transform the « apparent stillness » of the undulation into three dimensional spiral movement, including spiral stepping. So having acquired a firm base from fundamental course, the practitioner of Wutao is helped to transfer his or her fulcrum so as to make the most use of the freed up undulation of the pelvis and spine.
This level is accessible to all practitioners that have a good grasp of bodily motion.

Advanced Practice : « finding the exact and perfect moment to move »

The path from mobility is an important step towards the dicovery of our own corporality. Having integrated the « lâcher-prise », found a firm base root, explored the spiral movements and become conscious of our fulcrums, the dancer will discover, once again, their spontaneous movement and find their exact and perfect moment so as to be able to move within a three dimensional space. By raising awareness of the dancers « present sentiment » the dancer can evolve within the three dimensions allowing them to change between the movements on the grounf and those in the standing position.

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