Vorstellung der WutaoSchool

Who can get trained ?
The Wutao® training is for everyone who genuinely wishes to engage in a practise.
Aptitudes and/or skills in body practises, energy work and/or education can
be an advantage but are not required.

The Certification
The training is organized in 2 or 3 cycles.
• 1st cycle : the fundamentals.
• 2nd cycle : advanced training.
After validation of the 2nd cycle, you are certified « Wutao® Instructor ».
This certification allows you to teach weekly classes, introductory workshops but
no full day(s) workshops ; it also gives you access to the 3rd cycle.
• 3rd cycle : The Mastery.
Upon completion of this cycle, you are certified « Wutao® Professor ». This certification allows you to teach workshops on top of your weekly classes. We recommend you teach your first workshops in partnership with another Wutao professor who has more experience.

Where ?
- Aix-en- Provence

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