Julian  KING  - stages


Lieu : The Salisbury Center, 2 Salisbury Rd, Edinburgh EH16 5AB

Horaires : 9am till 6pm each day, with a pause for lunch (light vegetarian lunch included)

Description :

This two-day workshop is open to everyone, from beginners to more advanced breath-workers. The workshop will take you even further into the world of Wutao, gently connecting to your inner movement, to your body, to your feelings.
You will be taken on a voyage of discovery within your body that will help you to connect to the ’nature’ of your being. From the primary respiratory movement of the embryon through the different phases of our respiratory system, you will be re-actualizing the multiple stages of your development.
That which was cut off will start to re-connect ; that which was silent will start to express itself ; that which was blocked will start to be liberated. Life then re-takes its rightful place.
You will be experimenting with the undulating wave of the spine, combined with global breathing, spiraling movements and the sentiment (feeling) of our movements and gestures.

Tarif : £180 for the two days



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