WutaoSchool Presentation

The WutaoSchool takes place in France and in French.
International Wutao sessions in English can be held at the Wutao Studio Arles, in the city of Beaucaire, France. Write to us at contact@wutao.fr if you are interested.
An e-learning platform is being created in English, Spanish and German.

- Who can train ?
The WutaoSchool was created to allow anyone who wishes to immerse themselves in the art of Wutao to follow a continuous and complete course of study conducive to their development. The training is therefore aimed at all those who wish to engage sincerely in a practice. Certain aptitudes and/or skills in body, energy and/or pedagogical practices can be an advantage, but are not compulsory.
Becoming an instructor allows for further integration of the practice through transmission. This desire may emerge during the training, but it is not an obligation.

- What is the pedagogical programme ?
You will be trained to teach the 4, 8 or 12 basic movements of Wutao, standing and sitting.
To teach floor Wutao, specific masterclasses are offered to already certified teachers.

- Wutao : art of movement, art of breath, art of energy and art of self-knowledge
The practice of Wutao "smoothes" and "rebuilds" the corporality. Corporality refers to the physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body as one organic reality. It creates a letting go and expansions of consciousness that cut through the veils of the psyche.
It follows the movement of evolution : from the first pulse, to the development of the embryo and fetus. From birth to the post-natal period. From the first crawling on the ground to the four legs. From standing up to the first steps.

Wutao was born out of a deep aspiration to self-knowledge. In Wutao, a missing gesture is also a missing behaviour. Practising Wutao will therefore create links beyond the space of practice and training, in order to emerge in one’s deepest being and globality, by enriching one’s palette of movements, emotions, feelings...

- The relationship to learning and certification modalities
The Wutao training invites us to question what we know, but also the way we learn and how we have learned. Thus the pedagogical process foresees cycles, which can be followed for one or more years, depending on the rhythm. Each participant can then give himself or herself what he or she really needs.
In order to free oneself from the habit of external approval, there is no final exam, but an evaluation affirmed in front of the group and validated by the entire pedagogical team present.

- Ethical affirmation
Each cycle allows you either to practice Wutao as an art to be lived, or to commit yourself to become a teacher. By certifying as a teacher, you will be able to teach Wutao and benefit from an annual continuous training, as well as from a global support to communication.
You will then be asked to sign an ethical charter.
In order to perpetuate the quality of Wutao teaching and to continue your own path of evolution, the maintenance of your status as a teacher is linked to the completion of this continuous training. In addition, specific certification modules in the form of MasterClass are offered to all teachers.

- Non-datadocked training
After careful consideration, we have decided not to reference the WutaoSchool as a continuing education course. This is to guarantee the evolutionary pedagogical positioning of Wutao in its independence and total integrity. We have found that this choice favours the commitment of the WutaoSchool students to the training.

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