Our manifesto

The arts of gesture are often dissociated from societal commitment, while the “individual” body and the “societal” body form for us only one body. We control, exploit the Earth, the Cosmos, our fellows, as we control, exploit our bodies. The more we are connected to our sensoriality, the more we integrate our sensitivity, and the more we enter into communion with the world, our environment, the other, the others.
Through this manifesto, we affirm our responsibility and commitment as citizens of the world.

We, creators, trainers, teachers involved in the development of Wutao, start from the observation that it is now totally obsolete to treat our bodies as a machine or as a tool. Obsolete to demand it always more. Obsolete to exploit its spaces of possibilities until the exhaustion of all its resources. We claim to stop excluding it from its other parts that make up the whole being, which is corporality.

We act and practice in a state of bodily ecology so that our whole being constitutes a new individual and societal impulse for the development and full realization of the human being.

Let us awaken the soul of the body to finally have the freedom of necessary actions. Let us become aware of the encrusted folds of our common history, of our individual experiences and of the inheritances of our trees. So we can invent a way of being in total harmony with our most fundamental peaceful aspirations.

As an art of bodily ecology, we will make sure that no industrialization of the art of Wutao would appear. We claim the right to practice in a benevolent and poetic uselessness.

We will watch over that the spirit of the practice as sacred is cultivated in connection with the heart, so that each one may realize this also primordial feeling : the greater than self, outside of any religion, dogma or sectarian spirit.

Since Wutao is an art of knowledge of the Self and not of self-recognition, we will ensure that it is always the art of Wutao that is taught, and not the teacher who teaches himself.

As an evolutionary art, we will also ensure that Wutao always keeps this « life-being » to accompany our individual evolutions for a collective evolution.

We affirm the right :
• To embody global corporality.
• Live the excitement and celebrate beauty.
• To share the breath as an expression of our sacred bond that connects the Earth to its inhabitants.
• To express freely the feelings that carry our gestures.
• To know and transmit the gestures that carry our feelings.

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